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The Association Did Me Good

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An old joke has a farmer entering his plow mule in the Kentucky Derby. A city slicker at the track asked the farmer why he would enter the mule in a thoroughbred race that he could not hope to win. “Well,” said the farmer, “I reckon the association might do that ol’ mule a lot of good!”

My first professional love is evangelizing about eDiscovery to whomever in the legal profession (and anyone else unfortunate to cross my path during a good rant) will listen. However, I currently earn most of my paycheck (which I also love, in case any of my bosses are reading this) training legal professionals in the eDiscovery software suite offered by Autonomy (soon to be a subsidiary of ConHugeCo). And, as part of those duties, I now get to preach the Autonomy eDiscovery (and information governance) gospel to our new hires.

Last week was a bit different. Our “new hires” included a huge team that recently joined us from Iron Mountain Digital/Mimosa/Stratify, during which we acquired an all-star lineup of eDiscovery and information governance subject matter experts:

  • Bill Tolson, editor of the stellar blog and IMD/Mimosa’s director of eDiscovery product marketing;
  • David Bayer, Stratify’s VP of eDiscovery Marketing;
  • Svetlana Godjevac, noted author and linguistics expert, and now our Senior Manager for Consulting;
  • Bob Spurzem, Mimosa’s director of product marketing for archiving;
  • Martin Tuip, Mimosa’s IT expert in archiving and compliance products; and
  • Matt Levy, IMD’s Director of Discovery Partner Programs.

Uh huh … and I’m supposed to train them.

I’m just a litigator who’s been splashing around in the deep end of the eDiscovery pool for several years. These folks are heavy hitters! Well, I learned at least as much from them last week as they did from me, and dare I say … the association done me good! It was a privilege to meet and talk with each of you, and I’m glad to have you folks aboard!

(By the way, David Bayer helped me to clarify my thinking on a blog post I’ve been editing for much of the past week. Allow me to thank him in advance for his contributions; I hope to have this next post up in the next few days.)


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