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While I Was (Am) Out …

I’m on vacation for the next couple of days, but here are some eDiscovery links I’m following and will have more to say about after I get back:

From E-Discovery ‘Command’ Culture Must Collapse (I agree with this article completely; the time has come for collaboration rather than foot-stamping; see also Ralph Losey’s blog post We Are at the Dawn of a Golden Age of Justice)

From Richmond Journal of Law & Technology (via @ComplexD): Using Keyword Search Terms in E-Discovery and How They Relate to Issues of Responsiveness, Privilege, Evidence Standards and Rube Goldberg (I’ve skimmed this law review article, and look forward to spending more quality time with it on the plane tomorrow)

And two links re predictive tagging (or “Meaning Based Coding”, as my company’s marketing department likes to say): Companies That Outsource Face New Legal Risk (from, and Predictive Tagging: Finally, Some Judicial Cover (from LexisNexis, talking about Judge Peck’s article Search, Forward: Time for Computer-Assisted Coding).

Also, on Thursday, October 20, I’m speaking to the Houston chapter of Women in E-Discovery on the topic, “Predictive Coding: Ready for Prime Time?” Write to if you want more information.


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