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He’s BAAAAAaaaaack …

Yes, I’m still alive, thanks for asking. So, where’ve I been?

Some nine months ago, in December 2011, I wanted to impress the higher-ups at my company with hopes that it would lead to a promotion. I found myself having a casual cocktail with the person in charge of the promotion. The conversation was going fine until I mentioned that (gasp!) I had a blawg.

My benefactor’s response was immediate. “Don’t have a blawg!”

Yes, this contains my own opinions and I’m not going to write anything against the interests of my employer, but at the same time, our marketing folks didn’t get to vet my words here, so the use of a blawg was Very Highly Discouraged. Being a good soldier (and really wanting the dang promotion), I thought it best to comply with this person’s wishes. Hence, the radio silence you’ve (not) been hearing since last December.

Well, in the past nine months, guess how much progress I’ve made with the decision-maker. Yep, none. So, the heck with it; this blawg is back online. I promise to neither shill for my employer’s products or technology, nor say anything that might reflect negatively upon them.

With that pledge, unless I am explicitly told that this blawg threatens my continued employment (which will raise an entirely different issue), we’re back. Whether that’s a good thing or not … hey, you be the judge. This really is here for your use, after all.


2 responses to “He’s BAAAAAaaaaack …

  1. michael simon October 19, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    Glad to see you are back. I am sorry that you felt that you had to shut this down because of that pressure. I am even more sorry – much more so – in the role that I may have inadvertently played in that happening. You have done a great job in the past with this blog. Don’t let them keep you down.

    • Gary Wiener October 19, 2012 at 4:06 pm

      Mike, I don’t think you had anything at all to do with this. You were physically present at the conversation, but you were in no way culpable. Please don’t spend one more moment worrying about it.

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