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Idealistic musings about eDiscovery

He’s BAAAAAaaaaack … again …

Those of you who have been following this dormant blog know that I had been instructed by the Powers That Be at my company to stop blogging if I wanted a chance at promotion. I noted that, the opportunity for promotion having fallen through, I would resume blogging unless my employers directed me otherwise.

Then I fell silent for nearly two years. You can guess what happened.

Well, now my company has decided to eliminate my position, not only releasing me back into the wild to seek new challenges, but also releasing me to begin blogging again! (By the way, if you’re aware of anyone who can benefit from an eDiscovery attorney, consultant, trainer and subject matter expert, please drop me a line.)

So, brace yourselves … because now I’ve got some things to say, and a lot of time available to say it.


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