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H-P Is Out, iManage Is Back In

On May 15, I was laid off from Hewlett-Packard as they prepared for their big corporate meiosis* in November. I found out in short order that about three-fourths of the remaining eDiscovery experts company-wide were also let go. My private opinion was that this likely signaled HP’s intent to get out of the eDiscovery software business.

Looks like my hunch is at least partially right. My friends at iManage (née Interwoven), formerly a part of Autonomy and later assimilated by HP, have bought their company back.

The press release is here. Former-and-new-CEO Neil Araujo’s first blog post on the buyout is here. Neil writes:

For the iManage leadership, this transaction is about much more than a product: it’s about a community that spans people, partners and hundreds of thousands of users, many of whom have used this solution for more than a decade. iManage also represents a set of values, based on our history of listening, innovating and delivering great products and support. Our buyout enables the team to continue to innovate with a community of thought leaders that share this passion.

My heartiest congratulations to my old colleagues in Chicago. (Hmmm … wonder if they need an eDiscovery expert?)

*After all these years, I finally found a use for that word from high-school biology! HP is splitting into two distinct companies, HP and HP Enterprise, on November 1.

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