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Idealistic musings about eDiscovery

About Gary

Gary Wiener is a recovering trial lawyer and current eDiscovery “evangelist”, consultant, and subject matter expert in eDiscovery processing, search methodologies, technology-assisted review, and discovery best practices. Gary is currently seeking a new opportunity to utilize his eDiscovery expertise for a forward-thinking company or law firm. (Also, nothing in this blog should be construed as legal advice.)

Gary has a thorough understanding of the litigation and trial processes, as well as what it takes to support them. His passion for electronic document management stemmed from his years of experience as a trial lawyer, and the frustrations he experienced first-hand in managing and cataloging large document productions. After retiring from the practice of law, Gary decided to combine his passion for computer technology with his litigation experience, and to provide a unique but valuable perspective to today’s litigation teams, who must manage larger document universes with each passing year.

Gary has a great deal of experience in processing and searching Unicode documents and esoteric file formats, and is a frequent speaker and presenter on the topic of eDiscovery.  You can see a list of Gary’s publications and presentations at, or on his LinkedIn profile. He earned his degrees in Journalism and Law from the University of Texas at Austin.

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